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Car insurance is something that we all need. While it’s mandatory in virtually every state in the US, it’s also just a smart move on the behalf of the vehicle owner. It’s crucially important for a vehicle owner to not only have a decent car insurance policy from a reputable agency, but also have one that protects their interests in a way that they can afford.

The Importance of Car Insurance

The most obvious here is that it’s required by law. In the event that you’re pulled over by the authorities without an active car insurance policy, they have the right to impound your car right then and there.

In most states, it’s completely illegal for police to allow you to drive away without having at least the minimum amount of car insurance required in your state. As such, they’ll do their job and take your car to the nearest impound lot!

While that’s generally enough for a person to consider car insurance, one has to think about more than the impounding fee. More often than not, a person is also subject to having their license suspended or revoked. In some cases, this may even mean jail time for the offender. Fortunately enough – in some states – the driver only needs liability. There are states that require more.

At it’s core, car insurance is about protecting your property. With the right insurance plan, you will be covered in the event that you hit someone with your vehicle. The same is true if someone hits you. If you don’t have adequate car insurance, you will find that all of the costs are passed onto you. This includes damages incurred to their vehicle as well as those incurred by the person. If you hit someone and don’t have car insurance, there’s a chance that you may even have to pay for their damages as well as your own.

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Quotes

There are a number of things that can affect the amount of money that you’ll ultimately pay for your car insurance policy. Usually, it all boils down to the type of coverage and deductible, age and sex, driving history, the kind of car that you drive, your driving habits and you existing history.

Here, we’ll talk a bit more about these factors and how they affect anyone looking for a policy.

Age, Sex and Marital Status

Statistics state that people under the age of 25 get into a high number of accidents. More often than not, it’s the young single male getting into these accidents. As such, you’ll find that they’ll have to pay a bit more than those who are over the age of 25, female and are married. However, these rates can be lowered with safety courses.

Driving Record

As one would expect, your accident history plays a pretty large part in how much you will end up paying for car insurance. Those people who are accident-free for years will – conversely – find that their auto insurance rates drop incrementally.

Driving Habits

If you happen to drive your car for long distances – whether it’s for work or play – your car insurance rates will be higher than those who don’t drive very much. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple; those who drive more are subjecting themselves to a higher level of risk. While they may never get into an accident, the chances are substantially lower if they left their car in the garage a bit more.

The Places You Drive

If you live in a place where there’s a fair amount of theft, vandalism and accidents – you’ll pay more. Usually, this means that those who live in major cities around the United States will pay more than those who live in suburban or rural areas of the state.

Coverage and Deductibles

Another thing to think about is the role that a coverage and deductible play. When you’re looking for a car insurance quote, you’ll be able to choose your particular deductible and choose whether to add an amount of coverage that you may not need by law.

Of course, the amount that you need is significant in factoring in how much you’ll pay. If you have a higher deductible, you’ll end up paying less money. On the other side of the coin, a lower deductible means that you’ll pay more monthly. However, it should be said that additional coverage has some benefits. In short, you’ll be more protected depending on the claim that you file – provided you do. It will cost more money, though.

The Car You Drive

Lastly, the type of car that you drive is something that will play a pretty big role. Much like with the statistics aggregated for accidents and the people in them, insurance companies also have collected data on cars and claims. The data collected factored on things such as safety ratings, theft and damages.

However, the data also takes into account those cars commonly driven by people who expose themselves to more risk than necessary. A good example of this is the person who drives a Ferrari. While there’s nothing explicitly stating that they will drive recklessly, they do have more of an ability to do so. That’s not to mention the high cost of the parts if damaged.

In short, it’s best for those who are looking for cheap auto insurance quotes to assure that they’re insuring a car that is known to have a higher safety rating as well as one that isn’t a target for theft.

Reasons to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

There are a number of reasons why you should compare auto insurance quotes. Of course, the obvious being that you want to save as much money as possible. However, there’s a bit more to it than that.

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Varying Rates

More than likely, you’ll find that even the top car insurance companies vary on their rates for the same exact vehicle! They all possess an algorithm to determine how much they should charge you. While that’s the case, they also weigh elements differently. For example, some insurers may not care as much about your driving history as another. Some may not consider your vehicle to be as unsafe as the other companies.

You May Need More (or less!)

People’s opinions and needs change throughout their lives. For example, let’s say that you get married and you want a more family suitable vehicle. Heck, you may just be growing up and your car isn’t as cool as you thought it was. Whatever the case and reasoning, it’s absolutely imperative that you compare car insurance quotes to make sure that you’re getting a rate that you can appreciate.

Changing Rates

Car insurance companies like to be as competitive as possible, so you’ll find that they’re always trying to change their rates. As such, it’s really important for you to make sure that you’re taking advantage of it. By doing so, you have the ability to save a good amount of money just by being willing to search around. For some, it can be absolutely incredible to see how much they can save by just taking a few minutes to shop around.

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