Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Oh, To Be Young! Automotive Insurance for Young Drivers

There are plenty of reasons for a parent to be nervous about their child becoming a teenager.  There’s the rebelliousness.  There’s also the overblown drama.  And there’s the borderline absurdity of teenage dating.

Yet one thing that may trump all of the downsides of having a teenager in the house is the day that they get their drivers’ license, because that is the day that you will have to add them to your car insurance.

The Cost of a Young Driver

Even if you currently don’t have a teenager driver in your household, you know how pricey it can be to add a young driver to an insurance policy.  You may have this info because you remember your parents talking to you about how expensive it was to add you to their policy, or because you have a friend or colleague going through the process.  Regardless, you know that car insurance for young drivers can be rather pricey.  You also know the reasons for this; young drivers are inexperienced, are prone to making poor choices behind the wheel, and have a certain sense of immortality which may cause them to be a little more reckless.  Frankly, they are all pretty good justifications.  And these reasons – along with the high prices – will follow a young driver until they receive their first age break by the car insurance company at 25.

It’s Not All Bad

When you start shopping for car insurance for young drivers, you may be inclined to reside yourself to the biting the proverbial bullet and accepting a hefty rate hike.  However, if you take the time to do a little research, you will find that there are a few steps that you can take in order to minimize these rate increases both in the short term and in the long term.

These steps include:

  • Talking to your insurance agent.  If you are planning on adding a young driver to your policy, do not be afraid to open up a dialogue with your current agent to see what kinds of special incentives they offer for young drivers.  These may include discounted rates based on your own good driving records.  They could also include special discounts if the young driver pulls down good grades in school, since it has been proven that a correlation exists between good grades and safe driving habits.  If you aren’t satisfied with the programs that are offered, do not be afraid to explore other options.
  • Do not buy that fancy car for your young driver.  If you have the means to spoil your child with a shiny new, high-performance car, avoid this temptation at all costs unless you want to see your premiums skyrocket.  And even if your young driver gets a smaller car, keep in mind that some vehicles will still be more expensive than others to insure.  So don’t hesitate to do a little research before you settle on a particular make and model.
  • Talk to your young driver about the importance of safe driving.  This also includes being open with them about the scourge of traffic violations and how damaging they could potentially be to an insurance policy.

While taking these steps won’t prevent your insurance costs from increasing, they will go a long way into making the higher costs that come with adding car insurance for young drives a bit more manageable.  And considering how difficult it can be at times to manage the teenager in your life in other aspects, saving a few bucks on an insurance increase may still provide you with a strong sense of satisfaction.

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