Why Do Males Pay More for Car Insurance

By: August 10, 2013 Car Insurance

Men Pay More for their Auto Insurance

There are a lot of situations in life where men have the upper hand in the battle for gender equality.

You really don’t have to go into great detail as to how this is the case, because several instances will come to mind rather effortlessly.

However, there is one aspect of modern life where men will always trail their feminine counterparts…

Paying for car insurance!

The Reasons for Increased Premiums among Males

The reason why men pay more for car insurance all boils down to some pesky statistics.  Several metrics relating to driving are mined by car insurance companies in order to determine policy premiums – a perfectly rational practice, considering that they are in the business of risk.  And based on that raw data, men really have nobody but themselves to blame when it comes to explaining the gender gap in car insurance.  To wit:

  • Men are involved in more accidents.  According to a study put forth by the National Department of Transportation, male drivers were involved in about 18 million more accidents than female drivers between 2000 and 2009.
  • Men have a higher rate of DUI infractions.  A 2010 study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that men are about three times more likely to get arrested for driving while under the influence than women.
  • Men tend to by flashier, less practical cars than women.  These flashy rides tend to carry higher insurance premiums.
  • Men tend to be more aggressive, riskier drivers than women.

This last point may ultimately be the biggest reason as to why men pay more for car insurance.   It is certainly the largest reason why the discrepancy between male insurance premiums and female insurance premiums is at its widest prior to age 25, when the first age breaks kick in.  Younger men under 25 have a tendency to be much more reckless behind the wheel.  At the very least, they have this perception, which is more than enough of a reason for insurance carriers to set the rates higher.  Whether you chalk this behavior up to immaturity or the sense of immortality that tends to be present among people under a certain age is entirely up to you.  The fact is that if you are a male, especially one that is starting out on the road, you will pay more than women for insurance.

Not That Big Picture Problem

If you are a guy, you may be tempted to let loose with shouts of unfairness over this manner.  However, in doing so, you would be neglecting to look at the bigger picture when it comes to auto insurance premiums.  The fact is, gender is merely a small piece of the puzzle that an insurance company looks at when they are determining a person’s policy.  Other factors that are equally important, if not more so, exist to help slide your premium upward or downward, such as your age, your marital status, and even your credit rating.  Above all of these components, however, is a person’s driving record.  Regardless of what sex you are, if you have a less than storied history of traffic violations and fender benders, your premiums will skew higher because the auto insurance companies will deem you as a high-risk driver.

Because of this, when you stop and ponder the size of the role gender plays in determining your monthly car insurance premium, the answer is most likely not as large you may think.  While it undeniably exists, other components that make up your plan help to turn it into something that’s not worth getting stressed about.

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