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By: August 6, 2013 Car Insurance

Save With Car Insurance Discounts for Military Members

Being a part of the military commands respect. Everybody loves and appreciate a man or woman who dedicates his or her life to protecting our great nation. Unfortunately, this love doesn’t always translate into the car insurance world.

It’s a sad truth that insurance providers are trained to deal with the average consumer, not military personnel. Plus, they’re in the business of making money, not necessarily looking out for people.

Consider for instance that the military lifestyle is unfortunately a very precarious one. You never quite know when you might next be deployed to another location. This is why it’s absolutely pivotal you choose a car insurance provider that gets this. Ideally, the provider should be willing to temporarily cancel your coverage without imposing any cancellation fees on you.

Regardless, our goal today is to give you essentials tips on how you, a proud and deserving member of the U.S. Military, can save money on your car insurance!

Go Direct

Most people obtain insurance through agents. These are ‘middle-men’ who earn a commission for providing leads to the insurance companies. While this is okay for the average person, it’s not ideal for somebody in the military. Every time you move (and this occurs often for military members), you’ll have to get a new agent.

A better option is to instead look for direct writers. These individuals aren’t based in any specific location. Oftentimes, in fact, you can obtain their services simply through the phone or Internet. Furthermore, because direct writers work directly with insurance agents, you end up getting more affordable car insurance rates.

Go For Auto-Debit

Auto-debit is useful if you have a spouse who will continue using your vehicle when you are on deployment. It basically ensures that you never miss a payment, even if you’re in the middle of Iraq. Furthermore, most insurance providers provide significant discounts for those individuals who pursue this option.

This is also not a bad idea even if you don’t have a spouse. It will allow you to continue your car coverage even when you’re away. It’s a waste of money in some regards, but it’ll ensure that you can jump in your car and drive the minute you get back without having to worry about any complications.

Live On A Base

A military base is an extremely safe and secure place. The risks of crime, crashes and whatnot are significantly reduced because you’re surrounded by highly trained, professional individuals — most of whom you probably know on a personal basis. This is why living on a base can permit you to gain a humongous discount on your car insurance. You’ll also practically nullify the risk of your vehicle ever being stolen.

Familiarize Yourself With The Law

Certain laws and regulations demand that insurance companies make available certain discounts to military officials. The thing is that the insurance providers aren’t required to actually tell you about them. It’s up to you to familiarize yourself with state/federal law and then bring up those discounts that are relevant.

Consider Storage

A few select insurance companies offer storage insurance. This permits you to store your car while you’re deployed and still keep your insurance. You basically get a heavily reduced rate. As soon as you get back in town, you simply switch it back to full coverage and pull it out from storage.


We believe that you as a military member or veteran deserve the very best. That is why we hope these tips help you secure affordable car insurance. Just keep everything in mind and, most importantly, don’t let the insurance companies try to screw you over!

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